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4. Setting up WLC

4.1 Client configuration

The first time you run WLC the client configuration window will pop up. You can also display this window by choosing "Client - Configure.." or by pressing "Ctrl + C".

4.1.1 Client - Window configuration

The first step is the window configuration window. Access it by clicking on 'Window'. It should look something like this:

Most of these options are self-explaining, but I'll try to amplify them.

4.1.2 Client - Lines configuration

The next step is the lines configuration window. Click on 'Lines'. It should look something like this:

4.1.2 Client - Server configuration

The last step is the server configuration window. Click on 'Server'. It should look something like this:

4.2 Server configuration

If it's the first time you run WLC, the server configuration window will popup after you've finished with the client configuration window. You can reach the server configuration later by choosing "Server" and then "Configure...".

The server configuration window should look something like this:

Enter the IP or hostname of the computer running the Linecontrol server. Then enter port(16007 is standard).

If you've chosen to use username/password with linesrv, you need to enter them here. You can also choose to save the password(save plain text), so you don't have to enter it everytime you connect to the Linecontrol server.

The connect on startup option lets you choose whether or not you want WLC to automatically connect to the Linecontrol server when you open WLC.

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