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2. Introduction

2.1 What is WLC?

WLC is a Windows client for Linecontrol server. WLC runs under Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

If you need a client for Linux or a java-based client, visit

WLC comes in two versions. A dynamic-linked(needs runtime VCL libs) and a static linked version. I'll get back to which one to choose later in this document.

2.2 Where to get the latest WLC version

The most current version of WLC can be found at in the download section

2.3 Copyright info

Copyright 2002 by S. Fuchs
You may use this software only under the following conditions:

- Non commercial (at home, for school/education, ..) use is free.
- You install and use it entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
- You don't charge any money for supporting it.
- All users of WLC have to know how to find and read the included readme.txt file

Don't copy and mirror the software.

For more information regarding copyright, usage information, commercial usage and the license notice look at the readme.txt that comes with WLC.

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